Red sea

The Red Sea is one of the northernmost coral seas worldwide. Since it is located relatively far from Europe, are among the most popular diving sites. The primary attraction is the large amount of coral reefs and the wealth of the local marine life. Red Sea, local coral reefs and shipwrecks so each year attract thousands of divers from around the world.
  • About the Red Sea

    The Red Sea is narrow and elongated, bordered by mountains with an average height 1 000 – 1 500 meters. Read Sea is connected to the Indian Ocean, has the highest salinity of all the open seas on Earth – 38%.

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  • Snorkeling

    Snorkeling is a tool used to access one of nature's most marvelous realms, and the ocean remains one of the best arenas for exercising our sense of discovery, as well as our bodies. The key to successful snorkeling either on our snorkeling charters or on your own, is relaxation in the water.

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  • Introduction dive

    Try diving with a Instructor or Divemaster that gently introduces you to the wonders of the Red Sea. Our Divemaster or instructor will teach you basic theory and familiarize you with the equipment before accompanying you on a beautiful, controlled dive to limited depth.


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  • Diving

    All the year, every day we offer for the divers diving at one of different dive sites in the Red Sea, in Hurghada and in Sharm el Sheikh. Daily diving includes 2 dives from a boat at 2 different dive sites or wrecks guided by a qualified Divemaster or Instructor. We offer too special diving – night dive, wreck dive, kids dive, etc.

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  • The diving courses

    We offer many diving courses from the basic course till the speciality course.

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